Tree Care


'Tree Stuff'

Trees in our communities today can be gentle giants for us to admire on a hot summer day, but also fear during a dark windy storm. Trees are wonderful, they give us clean air to breathe and provide a home for many wildlife animals. Trees can improve property value when well maintained, as well as create shade, blocking harmful UV rays from shortening the life of your roof and raising your electrical bill by creating excess heat.

Similar to any other living creature, trees need to be taken care of to prolong life and prevent sickness. There are various things that any homeowner can do to help their trees thrive.

These things include:

- Pruning / Trimming

- Crown Cleaning 'Dead Wooding'

- Crown Reduction or 'Shaping'

Sometimes though, the potential benefits are outweighed by the frightening risk presented by certain large, or even massive trees.

In these cases we offer:

- Professional Tree Removal

- Stump Grinding

- Tree Topping (only upon specific request)

If you would be interested in any of the projects for your yard please don't hesitate to book an estimate, they're always free!