Our Story

Growing up as immigrants in the 2000s with the "American Dream" is a very real feeling that both of us have gotten to live with.  We have had the opportunity to experience poverty and hard work at a young age.  This allowed us to formulate the desire to never be in that position in our lives again.  We both are extremely thankful for our experiences and will never resent the fact that we started at the bottom.

The name "Grant Brothers" comes from the idea that we, Jonathan and Stefano, consider each other two immigrant brothers.  It might be 'cheesy', but it's easy to remember!

Grant Brothers Tree Service is an initiative we both decided to take in order to put ourselves through college.  We started this tree company because we grew up working with our blue-collar parents, who helped us develop many great skillsets that we could apply to our own lives.  We would like to be the first in our family to make it all the way through college on our own - Grant Brothers Tree Service will enable us to do so.

Throughout the years we have become very passionate about providing tree services. It is always a new project every day, constantly exciting, and always requiring critical thinking skills.

As well as devoting the majority of our time to Grant Brothers Tree Service, we are both very devout in our faith. We have dedicated our lives to Christ. We are constantly giving all of the glory to God who gives us everything.

Our core values consist of the lessons we have learned in life through religion and hardship:

  • All Glory Goes to God

  • Have Integrity

  • Walk With Resilience

  • Always Work Hard

  • Use Intuition

  • Honesty

  • Have Fun

grant brothers landscaping.png

Left: Stefano; Right: Jonathan and behind us our truck Genesis (Genny) which in Greek means "The Beginning"

Get to know us


My name is Stefano, I grew up right here in Northern Virginia and I love it. I’ve been with Grant Brothers since the very beginning when my brother Jonathan and I started the company together. We had a vision of a business that would help us get through school and life. I would say that my favorite thing about Grant Brothers is the amount of true brotherhood we have among ourselves. Real brothers or not, we all come to work excited to get our day started because of how well we work together. As for me personally, one of my favorite hobbies is editing videos and doing graphic design. I have always been very interested in doing it for fun. A fun fact about myself is that I am left-handed, and it actually does affect work quite a lot, especially when climbing and learning new knots!  


My name is, Jonathan Ruiz. I grew up right here in Northern Virginia. I have been part of Grant Brothers since day one, working on the first job with my brother Stefano up to this current day. One of my favorite things about our company is the pride we all take in who we are and what we stand for. All of us work from start to end to make sure the job complete and is done right.  

One of my favorite things to do is go fishing, I’ve gone fishing ever since I could walk. It’s also a great relaxing activity to do after a physically demanding job. Something interesting about me is that I have a fear of heights... you may find that hard to believe when you see me 100 feet up in a tree but I have always had a healthy fear of heights! I believe that it makes me a better climber in the sense that It always keeps me on my toes.


Hi! My name is Brayan. I was born in El Salvador and I made the journey to the United States when I was 12 years old. I am currently a college student at Northern Virginia Community College majoring in Business Management. I joined the Grant Brothers about a year ago and ever since then it has been a lot of fun. My absolute favorite part about working with the company is that I get to work with young people filled with goals and ambitions like me.


My favorite thing to do when I am not working would probably be watching and playing sports, I also like spending time with my family and friends. A fun fact about me is that I am the only boy out of six siblings, Grant Brothers gives me the brotherhood I've always wanted! 


I first started working for Grant Brothers two years ago when it was first out starting as a landscaping company, and just came back in the fall of 2020 for tree services.


My favorite thing about Grant Brothers is the bond we have as teammates, it makes work a lot more fun and enjoyable day-to-day. I would not trade it for anything. 


My favorite hobby is mountain biking. I really have always enjoyed it a lot, it's something about the adrenaline rush that I love.


What continues to bring me back to work every day is how much I enjoy my team. It feels like a family when we grow together. Aside from the team aspect, I’ve always loved climbing trees since I was very little so this job suits me perfectly.